Our Mission

Our mission


 Our mission is to Jam so that we are able to offer financial, emotional, and physical support to Kentuckians suffering from cancer.  We aim to reduce financial burden on those with cancer and to increase availability of treatments to those that wouldn't be able to afford advanced, innovative therapies. 


how can you help us?


We are in the process of growing from a small start-up into something more. What can you do to help??

  • Donate to us at our events 
  • Subscribe to our newsletter for updates on our mission
  • Become a member of our non-profit (More information to come, open to everyone)

Why do we do this?


In 2014, over $3.9 BILLION was spent OUT OF POCKET (by patients) on cancer treatments (www.fightcancer.org). 

This tremendous cost means that some will go without treatment, some will lose their houses, and some will lose their lives just because they are unable to pay.

This is where we come in. We are fighting, one song at a time, to ensure that our friends with cancer will receive their treatment and will not be forgotten

Source: https://www.fightcancer.org/sites/default/files/Costs%20of%20Cancer%20-%20Final%20Web.pdf