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50$ GiftCard (of your choice) Giveaway

Rules For Entry

To be eligible for this giveaway you must be a cancer patient or survivor and do the following:

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Other Rules:
This offer is for cancer patients and survivors only. Our aim is to provide someone fighting or recovering from cancer a night at their favorite restaurant. The lucky winner will be asked to submit proof of their disease to us to ensure only a cancer warrior wins. We will randomly choose a winner using automated randomization software! Selection will occur on July 22nd. 

Proof: Only the winner will be asked to submit documentation that proves they have or have had cancer. We are HIPPA compliant and will do everything possible to keep your information safe. Protected Health Information (PHI) will be destroyed as soon as it is verified. We ask that you submit the least amount of documentation necessary for our sake and for yours. Please note that this giveaway is 100% Voluntary and we reserve the right to deny the gift if proper proof of disease is not provided. 

Thank you all for understanding the rules and good luck!